Archives of the Leith Hill Musical Festival (refs. 2054, 8030, 8853, 8908);

Ralph Vaughan Williams’ manuscript score of Song for a Spring Festival, composed to mark the Leith Hill Musical Festival’s 50th anniversary in 1955 (ref. 2054/47/10);

Diaries and correspondence of Lucy Broadwood, folk song collector, including letters from RVW (refs. 2185/LEB, 6782);

Papers relating to RVW collected by Dr William Cole (ref. 8062);

Farrer family of Abinger, correspondence about Leith Hill Musical Festival including letters from RVW (ref. 2572);

Sale particulars of The White Gates, Dorking, 1953 (ref. 4414/1/87);

Archives of Surrey County Music Association (RVW was at one time chairman), (ref. 4432);

Vaughan Williams family of High Ashes and Tanhurst, Leith Hill, Wotton, small group of papers relating to RVW (ref. 6536);

Papers relating to The pageant of Abinger, written by EM Forster, with music composed and arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1934 (6536/35, 7744/1, 8852);

Letters to Susan Lushington from RVW (ref. 7854/4/36/39/-);

Lady Mary Wallis of Effingham, letters referring to RVW at the Leith Hill Musical Festival (ref. 9456);

Correspondence of Evangeline Farrer of Abinger, including from Margaret VW, with references to RVW’s activities, (ref. 9793);

Vocal score for ‘The Poisoned Kiss’ by Ralph Vaughan Williams, published by Oxford University Press, dedicated “With best wishes from R Vaughan Williams”. Includes rehearsal and production details with programme and reviews for a production of the opera by The Bridport Singers in 1937 (ref. CC1283)

Records of RVW’s piano now at Leith Hill Place, in the Broadwood piano archives (ref. 2185/JB)

The above are the principal items in the collections. Further references and full details are available on the catalogue database *.

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